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Dublin International Film Festival


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home care in dublinby Dean Kavanagh
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When I had finished the audio documentary on carers, I decided to create an animation for the audio and created a character and designed the whole background for each scene. Give it a watch and if you think you're business could benefit with the use of something similar just get in contact using the contact box at the bottom of the page and I would be happy to help.



About me

Hello, my name is Dean Kavanagh and I'm a digital content producer. I recently graduated from Ireland's first technological university with a bachelors degree in creative digital media. The areas I have experience in are directing, script writing, concept creation, audio editing, video editing and in animation (designing and animating). A recent piece that I had written, directed, produced and also edited called, The Belly of The Beast, was chosen to be screened at the Dublin International Film Festival for the first frame event. It got a special mention from the vice president of Disney for how it tackled the topic of homelessness in today's society. the short film also placed in the top 3 at the event.

The projects I look most forward to working on in the future are ones that I feel tackle serious societal issues, I feel this is when my skills are most enhanced because I'm working on something that matters, not just to me, but to other people. Each project I have worked on to date I have edited and produced myself and i look forward to the work I will produce in the near future!


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